About Us

Who we are. What we believe.


We are a small, family run home business. As siblings that once fought like Tom and Jerry, we are now a brother and sister team channeling that energy into innovating products with a purpose. We love looking at products that help manage behaviors, and figuring out what about them doesn’t work and can be improved upon, and why they exist in the first place.


We believe that science and nature can work together to bring really great products that are both safe and effective. and we want to feel good about what we do and good about helping people. We care about the ingredients we consumer, because anything that comes in contact with your body has the potential for detrimental effects. That’s why we hold Honest 10 to a high standard of safety and transparency. Learn more about what goes into Honest 10 here.


We believe in products with a purpose. That is why we have also decided to donate a percentage of each product sold to the Basal Cell Carcinoma Nevus Syndrome Support Network (see link in footer). This support group serves a great need to their community and plays an important role in skin cancer and genetics research, particularly in children.

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