Kids: Designed for Ages 3 and Up

Strong enough for adults. Safe for kids.

Choosing the right products for your children can be difficult, especially when you factor in their gentle skin and added sensitivity to ingredients and the environment.

Honest 10 is approved by pediatricians and dermatologists; and passed USP microbial test and the important US Consumer Product Safety Commission tests. Honest 10 passed stringent review for your peace of mind.

No fragrances needed, no harmful chemicals necessary. This transparency is what keeps us honest and accountable, unlike any other anti-nail biting brands.

“The formula in Honest 10 passes all the important tests. I fully recommend this product for children.”

— Sherrie Neustein, MD
Board certified, American Board of Pediatrics

We understand the importance of motivation, especially in children. So we’ve included a wall chart with stickers to help your child track and recognize progress and feel good about quitting.

Progress chart with happy face stickers

Honest 10 is safe for young children, but recommended for ages 3 and up. Children under three years old often haven’t yet developed a dislike for the bitterness so its effectiveness may be less.